Bobbie Carlton

Founder, Innovation Women

Catherine Cook Connelly

Co-Founder and VP of Brand Strategy, The Meet Group

Courtney Christian

Software Engineer, Webjunto

Cristina Martin Greysman

Vice President, Ecosystem Expansion, SAP North America

Gabrielle Trotter

Firmware Engineer, Tesla

Kimberly Blessing

Vice President of Technology, Think Company

Kimberly Gress

Vice President, Customer Success, Epilogue Systems

Lauren Hasson

Founder, DevelopHer

Liz Brown

Co-CEO and Head of Design, WebJunto

Marita Fowler

Senior Analyst, Capital One

Marty Sinclair

Director, Engineering and Multimedia, Gromelski and Associates, INC.

Meredith Hassett

Developer Evangelist, SAP

Monique Riviere

Chief Program Officer, Byte Back

Paulina Gallo

Software Engineer, Webjunto

Rakia Finley

Co-Founder, Fin Digital

Sandhya Gorman

Senior Category Manager, Amazon Web Services

Sarah Griffis

Director of Engineering, Slice

Swathi Young

Founder & Chief Product Strategist, TechNotch Solutions

Theresa Caragol

Achieve Unite

Tina Gravel

SVP Global Channels, Cyxtera

Tracey Welson-Rossman

Founder, TechGirlz

Yuval Yarden

Director for Ecosystem Engagement, Global Entrepreneurship Network


You can’t spell Artificial Intelligence without Art; AI applications need the human touch

We are witnessing drastic strides in technology – AI, autonomous vehicles, robots and drones are here. How will these changes impact women and what skills can we utilize to obtain signification roles…

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Opening the Black Box – Hardware Tear-Down of a Digital Camera

Have you ever wondered how exactly the devices we use in our daily lives are constructed? We can all learn to use a digital camera, even if we don’t all know exactly how the digital signal processor…

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The 4 People You Need on Your Personal Board of Directors

Corporate America has been built to support men via an informal network. What is the core team that women need to help them advance in their career? Today the game is stacked a bit against us. The…

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From Micro to Macro Services, What Size is Just Right?

‘Microservice architecture’ has been a buzzwork in application architecture for a few years. But what are the pros and cons of a microservices based architecture versus a monolithic based…

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Connecting the world of APIs with JavaScript

This hand-on workshop would introduce the audience to REST APIs and AJAX/jQuery. We would walk through how to incorporate AJAX calls into a JavaScript based application. Once the basics have been…

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No Excuses – How to Get Yourself on Stage

Are you tired of sitting through yet another DAMP (Dreaded All Male Panel)? Your story will never be heard sitting in the audience. Being onstage is powerful but the issue with many women is that…

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Blockchain; What is it and how is it impacting our world?

Once only associated with Bitcoin, the role of Blockchain/Distributed Ledgers is increasingly viewed as a potential solution for secure transactions in many vertical industries. We explore what it is…

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Simplifying with Lean UX

Do your projects often get bogged down in seemingly endless lists of features? Do you find it difficult to prioritize them, and determine which ones your users actually need? Whether your company is…

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The Path to a More Diverse and Competitive Technology Industry

The technology industry increasingly finds itself at a competitive crossroads. More than one million jobs are forecast to remain unfilled by 2020, while leading brands come under assault for a lack…

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Journey to the Cloud: What does it really take?

In this session, you will learn the answers to questions such as – What is the public cloud and why should you care? Why are enterprises moving to the public cloud? What are some challenges and…

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What’s in YOUR packet?

This workshop will provide an opportunity for attendees to perform malware analysis of different malware families from PCAP. They will learn about different C2 methods, file carving, and data…

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Become a NegotiatHer: Learn Secrets to Make More $ in Your Tech Career

As tech women, salary negotiation is an essential skill, but negotiating isn’t always so easy. Imposter syndrome, fear, and unconscious bias are real adversaries that can get in your way to a…

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Building Better Cross-Functional Teams

It’s a common perception in the tech industry that designers and developers are always fighting one another – but maybe that’s because the system they’re working within sets them up for confrontation…

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How To Manipulate Strings and Influence People

Regular Expressions (RegEx) offer robust string manipulation through complex pattern matching. RegEx can be intimidating to the novice user, but a little practice goes a long way. We’ll explore the…

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