Jenny Smith is the Deputy Executive Director and co-founder of the Tech Talent Project, a new nonprofit dedicated to increasing government’s ability to recruit leaders with the modern technical talent needed to achieve critical economic, policy, and human outcomes.

Prior to joining TTP, Jenny worked as the Operations Manager of the New Data Project [], an organization focused on building technology for better democracy. Before that, she was the acting Director of People Operations for the U.S. Digital Service at the White House. She previously led the External Affairs Department for the Georgetown University Library, was a Neighborhood Team Leader on the 2012 Obama campaign, and dabbled in commercial agriculture and whitewater rafting. Jenny is a certified cat-herder, despite being more of a dog person, and an experienced goat rodeo cowboy.

Jenny’s interest in technology is outcome-oriented. She believes that technology has the potential help us build a stronger, more equitable society, but only if we all invest in ensuring that outcome.