Dr. Georgette also known as “Dr. Gee” is the President and CEO of Transformation Lead LLC, a global consultancy focused in driving and implementing innovative enterprise technology and strategy. In addition to running a global technology consultancy, Dr. Georgette is a published author, researcher, educator, philanthropist, missionary, and active member of the global community. She was been featured in several publications and was awarded the Presidential Service Award from President Barack Obama in 2016 and the International Woman of Excellence Award in 2019

Dr. Georgette holds a Doctorate Degree from the University of Southern California. She completed a formal study and published her Dissertation entitled “Bridging the Gap of Gender Equity in Entrepreneurship.” She has leveraged her research to launch a non-profit the Female Entrepreneurship Institute that helps Female Entrepreneurs successfully establish and grow their businesses in a global economy. She also holds a Master of Business Administration and Undergraduate Degree in Information Systems

In addition to driving business and technology forward, Dr. Georgette is a mother and wife and she serves on several boards including the Corporate Board of Directors for CompTIA, Morningstar International, Association of IT Professionals, and Golf Women Mean Business Charities. She is dedicated to aiding the advancement of small businesses, gender equity, diversity, developing underserved communities, and uplifting our next generation of leaders.