Allison is the Threat Gamification Engineer and Creative Director for IBM X-Force Command Center. The facility, which is also known as IBM’s Cyber Range, can be compared to a corporate “escape room” for cybersecurity. Allison works with organizations to help them experience a realistic cyberattack simulation so that they can prepare for attacks before they occur.

To create this experience, she leverages her unique background from her education in media arts, information security, and involvement in theater and performing arts to engage Cyber Range participants in a digital and physical cyberattack simulation. There she controls the theatrics in the room which includes the story, visuals, sound and technology to create customized and extremely visual experiences.

She has simulated cyberattacks for more than 2,000 corporate executives in the Cyber Range since joining IBM in 2016.

When Allison isn’t working, she’s an orchestra cellist, actress, and avid hiker. You also can find her in line to navigate her way out of the latest Escape Room. Allison is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Media Arts and Technology Program.