Retaining knowledge and learning new processes in our constantly evolving world is crucial for all businesses. We are bombarded with loads of information throughout the day. We hear ideas from our boss, social media, friends, advertisements – but what do we actually retain? How can we help ourselves and clients better connect to our products, ideas or services.

Experience design is a way of thinking in technology and business, with an emphasis on the idea of running head first into an experience verses studying it through books and charts.

By using my expertise in media and visual arts, drama and technology, I practice this concept everyday within cybersecurity by immersing Fortune 1000 organizations through cyber attack simulations. This concept is also practiced in the military through OODA loops – or observe-orient-decide-act. When you are experiencing something, you evoke a feeling through an experience, a rush of adrenaline even, and it forces you to make quick decisions. Helping an organization experience their worst day – a cyber attack, brings a new viewpoint into preparedness and response. I achieve this by working with a variety of design, technology and interactive media to evoke a feeling through experience. In a world where most people think business is an email, spreadsheet or slide deck; I work to convince you that experiences make a lasting impression.