We rely on systems to accomplish our work. These systems grow organically as we define new jobs to be done and new processes to support our work. Each new job and new process makes sense… until the overall system doesn’t. And then we invite new employees and partners into these systems with explanations like “That’s just how we do it here,” or “I don’t know why we do it that way.” And it’s easier to just keep going that to create a system that makes sense.

If you have a system like this in your work life, this workshop is for you.

Design thinking is a phrase often used by the innovators, but as a tool, it’s useful for improving the systems that sustain us. In this workshop, we’ll teach participants a design-thinking based process that we use to turn big, hairy problems into manageable projects. Participants should come to the workshop with an idea for a real-life big problem that’s blocking progress in their life, and we’ll make a plan for how to tackle it.