Social media plays a significant role in our everyday communication. With the astronomical amounts of data, we have passed through the web at any given second; it’s almost overwhelming to distill meaningful information when taken as a whole. However, by filtering the fire hose of data with the use of AI/ML, it is possible to see trends emerging. Alerts to suspicious or malicious activities such as human trafficking or potential anti-social violence such as school shootings can be possible to detect with the use of AI/ML software. With that said, it’s incredibly useful to understand how machine learning can be used to decipher such trends.

‌In this workshop, we will use Node-RED and Watson APIs to perform AI/ML analysis of raw unstructured data in the hopes of gaining useful insight. Node-RED is very easy to get started with and is a great open-source tool for beginners who want to write and understand programming flow.

We will use machine learning services such as sentiment analysis, tone analyzer, text to speech, language translator visual recognition, and natural language classifier to gain meaningful information. We will also have an open discussion on how we can use this type of technology to help us address pressing challenges, including human trafficking and disaster recovery.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this workshop, you will be able to walk away with:

· Overall understanding of Node-RED
· Creating flows in Node-RED
· Analyzing Tweets with Sentiment Analysis, Tone Analysis, Language Translator, Image Analysis and Natural Language Classifier
· Deploying, Importing and Exporting flows

This workshop is for both beginners and experienced developers, makers, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in rapid prototyping or is just curious about flow-based programming.