Who is your “hero” engineer? What is it they do that makes them so great? Do you want to up your game so you can be someone else’s hero? Or maybe you just want to work smarter and not harder? Join me to learn some secrets of being a great software engineer. We’ll cover the little things you can do to be your very best, including:

* How to plan your work and ask the right questions to be sure you have enough context to do your job
* The little things you can do to make your colleagues better
* Setting boundaries around your work and time
* Collaboration across your company
* Harnessing imposter syndrome and making it work for you

I have over 20 years in tech, writing code or leading teams. My ethos is continuous improvement and I get the greatest joy out of watching those around me grow to fulfill their potential. I look forward to sharing what has helped me to be the engineer I am today.