Want to learn more about trends like AI, IoT and wearable tech?

In this workshop, we engage beginner and intermediate participants interested in getting started with sensors, data acquisition, sensor analytics and IoT. We cut through the hype of these terms and help our participants learn what these terms mean by showing them how to easily build a “smart” fitness tracker using their own mobile device.
We’ll do hands-on exercises: you’ll acquire data from sensors, design a step counter and train a human activity classifier. Participants will leave motivated and ready to use machine learning and sensors in their own projects!

Our goal for this workshop is twofold: show our participants how easy it is to get started with Machine Learning and wearables and set them up for success to take on challenging projects in this domain. A clear and precise instruction sheet will guide the participants through exercises ranging from beginner to intermediate level. This workshop is highly interactive with hands-on exercises in which the participants will create a “smart” wearable and test it out. We aim to demonstrate how powerful applications can be built when we combine machine learning, sensor analytics, and IoT. Our confidence in the success of this workshop stems from our past experience in delivering similar workshops. Participants will use the free MATLAB Mobile App to access built-in sensors and analyze data on their mobile devices.

We will start with a quick presentation where we introduce sensor analytics, wearables and machine learning concepts, and then conduct three hands-on exercises where participants get the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts. The introduction will last 20 minutes. The next 35 (10+10+15) minutes will be spent doing the hands-on exercises. We will leave 5 minutes for Q&A.
Exercise 1. Introduction to Sensor Data Acquisition (10 minutes)
Exercise 2. Accelerometer Data Analysis (10 minutes)
Exercise 3. Train a human activity classifier using sensor data (15 minutes)
We will summarize the wearables, IoT, and AI concepts you have learned. You will leave with instructions for challenging take-home exercises to continue exploring these concepts!