Everyone growing up has been asked at least once, what do you want to be when you grow up? When I was six, I thought I wanted to be the President. Boy was I wrong. Once in college, we’re asked to make a judgement call. To pick a degree that will set us down a career path. A path we don’t even know how to define. We all have to start somewhere. I chose technology through the path of Project Management. However, as we learn more about the workforce, we can become burnt out. We hit a crossroad in our career where we want a new challenge. We start to wonder what does life after this job look like, and how do I move up the corporate ladder?

We can research new titles all day long, but that doesn’t tell you what it actually means to make the switch. It’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses before deciding to go into management. And sometimes it’s not so easy to just jump in. It’s a good idea to learn lessons from other’s experiences, and this session will do just that.


Where can a career in technology take you?
What it means to be a manager?
Lessons learned from managing people

Tweetable phrases:
“You’re going to have to fire someone, and it sucks.”
“As a leader, you represent the face of your company, even when you don’t agree with the decisions being made above you.”
“Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed”