March 19, 2016 - Washington, DC


Keynote #1 – Believe in the Journey
by Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hight

Keynote #2 – The Confidence Effect
by Grace Killelea

Application of Data Analytics for Performance Improvement
by Paula Darling and Xanthe Larsen

Building A Tech-Focused, Personal Brand for Your IT Profession
by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Discover Your Winning Product with User Story Mapping
by Dana Pylayeva

Driven, Diversified & Dynamic: Building a Balanced Tech Industry
Panel by Camille Stewart, Erin Leach, Gabriella Ziccarelli, and Valerie Woolard

From Digital Diplomacy to Civic Engagement, Women Lead in Tech and Politics
by Sibyl Edwards, Shirleen Mitchell, and Gloria Pan

Internet of Things: Don’t Miss Out on the Next Technical Revolution
By Faith Davis

Learn to Code and Teach Middle School Girls
by Sarah Johnson

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS and Intro to Sass
by Jessica Bell

Surviving Life as a Remote Web Worker
by Sara Cope

The Functional Triumvirate: Scala, Elixir and Clojure
By Leemay Nassery

When Being MEAN is a Good Thing: Developing with a Full Javascript Stack
by Sruti Cheedalla

Women Helping Women: The Stories, the Science and the Steps You Can Personally Take to Make a Difference
by Theresa Caragol and Tracey Welson-Rossman